High, it’s me!

I started using marijuana at the end of my army service. Dealing with, and healing from, PTSD. I use cannabis in my everyday life. 

I moved back to the US after spending five years in Israel. Getting my medication was easier than ever. I finally got tons of educational information from people who 

I had to find a way to capture that beauty. I started illustrating nugs of marijuana, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted the real deal, captured forever. I made the shape of a heart to clearly show love for cannabis. After a few weeks of experimenting with different designs, and techniques, Nancy Chains was born. I hand make each gem, and sometimes include letters and glitter, as well. The gems cannot be opened, so the cannabis is not useable. In fact, I use hemp! Nancy is not my real name. The name was inspired by Nancy Botwin, the lead character from the show Weeds. Nancy’s character on the show is based on a true wonder woman, Dr. Dina Browner. Dr. Dina was the first in Southern California to start a medical cannabis doctors office and dispensary. The mother Teresa of marijuana. -

wanted to help ease my pain. The plant that helps me so much, is so beautiful! Each nug is as special as a snowflake. Kind of like people... . 

Made for stoners by a stoner

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High, it's me!

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