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Shor is the last name I got when I got married

Welcome to the 


A tribute to the plant that helped me heal and deal

Gal Bar El 

Feel free to reach for a magnifying glass and explore the intricate details up close.

Although some may think, Nancy is not my real name. The name Nancy Chains was chosen carefully. Nancy- inspired by Nancy Botwin, the lead character from the show Weeds. Nancy’s character on the show is based on a true wonder woman, Dr. Dina Browner. Dr. Dina was the first in Southern California to start a medical cannabis doctors office and dispensary. The mother Teresa of marijuana. 

Chains was about being the chain that connects people. And each person who owns my art can find a connection to other people and to cannabis, through my work. 

 click here to watch a short video

The art doesn’t stop once it leaves my studio, the art is the interaction between people and the conversations being had surrounding the truly unique, one of a kind pieces.

Baked Goods

When starting my Nancy Chains Instagram account, I hated calling people “my followers”. The people who follow my art are leaders, shaping the future. I felt like naming you something that you are, is more respectful. Baked Goods! Because you’re baked, and you’re good!

that package though

Clear packaging shows the heart

With climate change and with education, my view on my art shifted tremendously to making sure that every piece being produced is extremely purposeful and meaningful. Things in my studio are for the most part, not single use, and I wanted to carry that all the way from the beginning of my artistic process, to the last step and my art’s last destination, which is with you! The packaging is designed so you can display a cannabis nug in it, to be shown, appreciated, and represented clearly.

Have you gotten to the aluminum business card?

While you’re taking it all in

Here is one thing I wish you could take in right now

I made this non medicated cake as an edible sculpture so people who can't consume cannabis, can feel what it feels like to me

Help me decide what to dress up as this Halloween

one year I was stoned, the next I was the devil's lettuce. What's next?

comment your idea on one of these videos 


Have you gotten to this silver puffer piece yet?

click play then these arrows ↖️↘️ on the video to watch it in full screen 

This piece is up for auction


All proceeds will go to Breezie Puffer’s family in honor of the passing of Fredrick Puffer, the father of Breezie's beautiful children.


This piece is 100% hand made.  From the weed grown, to making the stone, to making its Sterling silver home.


Item valued at $220 Starting bid is $120 


10$ bid increments 

Please leave your name and your increased bid on the paper next to the piece, or on this instagram post that updates live from the art show!

Its time to dissolve the stigma 

Leaf Love

This is Jane Project (TIJP) is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sheds light, builds community, and uplifts the lives of women and non-binary trauma survivors.


This is Jane Project hosts a compassion program for survivors without access to receive cannabis, and I am one of the people in the program. The LA chapter meets at the dispensary Fountain of Wellbeing. The dispensary has a grow that can be seen through a glass window from inside of the shop. 

These necklaces were created from leaves collected at Fountain of Wellbeing, as a tribute to a full circle. 


Buy a Leaf Love necklace today and all of the proceeds will be donated to This is Jane Project

Visit their website 

I know.. so much talking 

I hope you're enjoying a dab from 

Rosin Tech Labs

and some medicated iced tea <33

Make sure you take your Puff Portrait in front of the Nug Wall 

Thank you so much for coming to the show. You can always

dig deeper

watch the HIGHlights

I save every story I ever posted on the Nancy Chains Instagram so you can watch me grow 🌱

It's part of the art itself. A completion of the feed. The life in between.

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