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High It's me!

I started using cannabis at the end of my army service. Dealing with, and healing from, PTSD. I use hemp in my everyday life.

I moved back to the US after spending five years abroad. Getting my medication was easier than ever. I finally got tons of educational information from people who wanted to help

ease my pain. The plant that helps me so much,

is so beautiful! Each nug is as special as a snowflake. Kind of like people... .

I had to find a way to capture that beauty. I started illustrating cannabis nugs and leaf, but it just wasn’t enough. I wanted the real deal, captured forever. I made the shape of a heart to clearly represent my love for cannabis. After a few weeks of experimenting with different designs and techniques, Nancy Chains was born. I hand make each stoner stone, and sometimes include letters and glitter, as well. The stones cannot be opened, so the cannabis is not useable. In fact, I use hemp! Nancy is not my real name. Chosen carefully, inspired by Nancy Botwin, the lead character from the show Weeds. Nancy’s character on the show is based on a true wonder woman, Dr. Dina Browner. Dr. Dina was the first in Southern California to start a medical cannabis doctors office and dispensary. The mother Teresa of marijuana. -

You can watch a video about Dr. Dina, the real Nancy Botwin,

-And you can jump to this page that may answer your question, who is Nancy Chains??

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